Top 10 Adobe Illustrator Features CC 2022

Top 10 Adobe Illustrator Features CC 2022 – Abstract

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program. Which is developed by Adobe Inc. It was released on March 19, 1987. Now it had completed 35 years of its release. We can use it for digital and printed images. We can make graphic images with the help of this software including logos, graphs, charts, diagrams, cartoons, and illustrations. It is written in C++ languages.  It works on Windows 10 and macOS 10.12 Sierra systems. Illustrator is the best option for graphics designing, and clean for the image problem. It is best than Photoshop. We can use it to pay the monthly cost or we can use it for 7 days trial. It is the best graphic design tool. If we are drawing a logo on Adobe Illustrator is that we see the logo by scrolling in the long box not losing the pixels. It can view the high-quality pixels than Photoshop. We can make many drawings in the illustrator like Designing logos, drawing illustrator, and the Package designing. Today, we are discussing the top 10 features of Adobe Illustrators.


List of Top 10 Adobe Illustrator Features CC 2022

You can download Adobe Illustrator from the official website.

1. Quick Open

The first best and user lover feature of Adobe Illustrator is that it opens quickly. We know about its past versions, when we open them, they take a time to open. There we saw a logo on the desktop screen that contains much time to loading. But Illustrator team clean this problem from the Adobe Illustrator software. It opens more quickly than the past versions.

2. Art Recoloring

The most usable Adobe Illustrator Features, popular, and the best feature is art recoloring. You can recolor your art by using this feature. By recoloring the object. First of all, you can select your design, click the option on edit, select the option of edit color, and also select the recolor art. When you select this option, it will select all the colors that you already fill. You can change your color easily by using this feature. That is why this is the useful and the best feature in Adobe Illustrator. The professional users of Illustrator use this feature to recolor their designs.

3. Workflow in Illustrator

Workflow is the second-best feature in Illustrator. The process of workflow is there is a specific step before its starts and a specific step after it.  In the Workflow feature, you can change your design is your in own shape. This means that you can change your design in any shape that you want. By using this option, you can customize your workspace, modify your tools, change your layers, name your sublayers, make brushes, and you can also make the symbols. It is a series of activities. You can see your work from step one to the last step in the workflow.

4. Shape Builder Tool

Have you wanted to fix the shapes you have made in yours? Illustrator gave you the option of a shape builder tool in the new Illustrator features. You can merge or make the two shapes together by using this tool. With this tool, two simple shapes create a complex shape. Only you select the shapes and apply the shape-building tool to these. Also using these tools, you can select the points of the shape and edge these points.

5. Symbol Enhancement

In the symbol enhancement tool, you can select and edit the symbols. Every version of Illustrator shows the newest feature of symbol enhancements. It is a vital part of Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator, you can change the symbol by double-clicking on this. Or you can send it into partition mode.

6. Sketch

Everyone wants to make a sketch in Illustrator which is something difficult. But Illustrator introduces their new feature. Where you make sketches that you want. You can make your vector graphics for a company, business, and project by using Illustrator. This feature is very easy and smooth for your sketches. All the professionals use this tool to create and monetize their sketches for business. Sketch also offers hundreds of plugins and extensions that will automate your workflow and create animations with one click. The sketch feature of Illustrator makes your work outstanding. That makes you receive feedback. It also saves time for your project management.

7. Snappa

Adobe Illustrator Features, The common and useable feature in Adobe Illustrator is Snappa. That makes you create high-resolution images in Snappa. You can use this software by using a novice and create blogs, ads, cards, social media ads, and banners. Snappa saves your time and offers several templates. It provides many templates in the gallery. Snappa helps you in designing if you are new in this field. Because this will give you some templates and photo stocks. It comes with editing tools and graphics.

8. Variable Width

If you want to increase your design width. So, you can increase the width by using this tool. For example, if you draw a line, using the Illustrator new tool CS5, you can push and pull the corners and expand its width variably along the line. You can design and use shapes as your own using this tool. If you draw some wrong lines in your project, you can correct them by using this tool.

9. Collaboration Tools

AdobeCollabSync holds the PDF file open, even when the file has been closed in Acrobat, preventing Flare from rewriting a new version. The collaboration tools in Adobe Illustration are outstanding and very useful tools. In this, you can collaborate two tools using for the same time. For example, you can invite your friends to Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Fresco. You can edit these documents with your friends.

10. Multiple Layers

Like Photoshop and Adobe XD features Illustrator provides you the feature of multilayers. Because it’s a common need for the users. Users use this tool for multi layers in their work. For example, if you draw a design on the first page in Illustrator. Then you want to draw the other design or make the logo, Illustrator gives you to chance to open a new page. Its benefit is that your previous and latest work is always ready to continue. You can’t need to open the Illustrator in another window. You can Open multiple Layers in your Illustrator at the same time.

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Top 10 Adobe Illustrator Features CC 2022 – Conclusion

These are the top 10 features of adobe illustrator CC 2022.

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