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Top 10 Best PC Applications should be installed on Windows PC/ Laptop – Abstract Review

Top 10 best Applications, Once you have installed the Windows operating system on your personal computer/ Laptop. After that, you need to install some applications on your system to run some other applications as you needed. Like you want to play some music, download some file in zip format and want to open that file, want to download some application quickly, etc. Therefore, you to install some of the applications that should be installed just after the new windows operating system is installed on your desktop or laptop system.


Here we provided the list of Applications that should be installed on PC top/ best 10 those are;

Top 10 best PC Applications should be installed on Windows

  1. Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox/ Opera/ Brave
  2. WinRAR/ 7-Zip
  3. Internet Download Manager/ JDownloader
  4. VLC Media Player/ K-Lite Codec Pack Player
  5. MS Office/ LibreOffice
  6. Adobe Reader/ Foxit PDF Reader
  7. BleachBit
  8. Ninite
  9. Zoom Meetings/ Skype
  10. Everything

These software applications are necessary to install on the computer/ Laptop systems just after the installation of the operating system. As the fresh operating system has limited installed software applications? Therefore, need to install the necessary software applications. The above-highlighted applications are the necessary applications. Let’s discuss the abstract review of the software applications.

Top 10 PC Applications Most used by Users
S.No. Social Application Download Download
1 Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox/ Opera/ Brave Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox
2 WinRAR/ 7-Zip WinRAR 7-Zip
3 Internet Download Manager/ JDownloader Internet Download Manager Jdownloader
4 VLC Media Player/ K-Lite Codec Pack Player VLC Media Player K-Lite Codec Pack Player
5 MS Office/ LibreOffice MS Office LibreOffice
6 Adobe Reader/ Foxit PDF Reader Adobe Reader Foxit PDF Reader
7 BleachBit BleachBit
8 Ninite Ninite
9 Zoom Meetings/ Skype­­­­ Zoom Meetings
10 Everything Everything

1.      Google Chrome

The fresh windows operating system has a default installed browser is internet explorer. Though it fulfills the need for internet use still most people do not like internet explorer. Therefore the google chrome is one of the most using internet browser applications for any user. The number of google chrome users is most of any other browser.

Google Chrome is also one of the top 10 PC Applications. Google chrome is providing multiple features and extensions/ plugins that help to customize the user’s needs and add features to them. That allows the user to use it more accurately. It keeps the history, can set the default search engine that you like, add extensions, and more. This browser is best suitable for the web developer community.

2.      7-Zip

7-Zip is an open-source file archiver software application. 7-Zip is developed by Igor Pavlov. The first version was first released in 1999. It can read multiple formats of files. 7-Zip is well known to compress files in size. The software application is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and ReachOS operating systems. Top 10 PC Applications, It is much lightweight software application of size 1.7MB. Multiple languages are supported.

3.      Internet Download Manager/ JDownloader

The Internet download manager is a paid software application. It allows a 30 days trial to download. One of the most using download managers in the world. It has much more features than you expect. Most people only know that it only download the file. The necessity of the download manager is because the download speed in Google chrome is too slow than the internet download manager.

IDM is also one of the top 10 PC Applications. JDownloader is also a better option to download the download manager. It is a freeware software application that is why it is free of cost and provides almost the same features to users of IDM. Therefore, this can be used free of cost.

4.      VLC Media Player/ K-Lite Codec

The VLC media player is an open-source freeware media player software application. It is a cross-platform media player, supported on any operating system that is Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Linux, etc. It was first released in Feb 2001. It is developed in C, C++, and Objective C. VLC media player is one of the most used media players all around the world.

If you don’t like the interface of the VLC media player then you can use an alternative most of the people used is K-Lite Codec. K-lite codec has an amazing interface. It almost supports all of the media files that a media player should play.

5.      Microsoft Office/ Libre Office

Every computer user after installing the window needs to write and save something on it. Therefore they need a tool where they can write, a format that content, and save that. Microsoft office is providing Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, one note, one drive, and Microsoft outlook. This is a paid software application developed by Microsoft.

MS office is also one of the top 10 PC Applications. An alternative to this software application is LibreOffice. LibreOffice is an open-source freeware software application. The purpose of this software application is almost the same, providing the same features as the MS Office is providing to them.

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The purpose of this post is to provide you with the knowledge that you should install these applications just after the installation of a fresh Windows operating system. These top 10 PC Applications are necessary to install on every computer for easy to use the computer system. Hopefully, you will love this post after reading it. Feel free to contact if you have any suggestion.

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