Top 10 Branded Wristwatches for Men

Top 10 Branded Wristwatches for Men – Abstract

Luxury Wristwatches for Men are manufactured for royal persons. That is significantly higher and usually a manual effort. Switzerland is called the manufacturer house of watches. Switzerland manufactures many more costly watches than Asia. Switzerland and Europe have a higher production of watches than Asia. These country watches are costly because it manufactures with precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Luxury watches are also made with Jewels like rubies and diamonds. Commonly we use watches for maintaining the timetable. The use of watches in not starts now, it started in the 17th century. We use the word for is “Watchman”, because it teaches us how to punctuate. Today, we use luxury watches to show off our extra personality. Today, we will discuss the top 10 luxury Top 10 Branded Wristwatches for Men brands in the world. Article reading time 5 minutes.

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Prices of Branded Wristwatches for Men

We always see many brands of wristwatches for men in the world. But today we will discuss the top 10 watches brands in the world. Which sets their brand an also an example in the market. Here are the top 10 wristwatches for men that are briefly described, the prices of wristwatches and the founder are discussed below.

1. Rolex Wristwatch

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Founded at: 1905
  • Founder: Hans Wilsdorf, Alfred Davis
  • Price in USD: $6,500 to $75,000 USD


Rolex was established in 1905. It is a Uk brand. Rolex is a well-known watch brand. That is the most popular luxury brand. This brand’s watches are much more expensive but create a powerful look. Its prices are changing day by day. It would be a shamed thing if we do not note the Rolex brand. Because it is the number 1st luxury watch brand. Rolex introduced their 2000+ luxury watches. Its watches are fully waterproof. It is an imported brand worldwide.

2. Patek Philippe Wristwatch

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Founded at: 1839
  • Founder: Antoni Patek, Franciszek Czapek, Adrien Philippe
  • Price in USD: $143,000 USD max


Patek Philippe luxury brand was established on May 1, 1839, in Geneva, Switzerland. On May 1st it introduced its first watch. It is the second most popular luxury wristwatch brand in the world. Everyone agrees on this thought, that its first watch breaks all the records. Its first watch was called the Caliber 27368. It has the most popular models like Aquanaut, Twenty-4, Nautilus, World Time, Calatrava, and many more. The Graves Super complication watch of Patel Philippe is the most exclusive watch. That ever made was sold for an outstanding $11,000,000 USD in 1999.

3. Vacheron Constantin Wristwatch

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Founded at: 1755
  • Founder: Jean-Marc Vacheron
  • Price in USD: $44,000 USD max


The third exclusive luxury brand is Vacheron Constantin. That was established in Geneva, Switzerland on September 17, 1755. The manufacturers of this brand make create all the features that the customers want. This company makes 20,000 to 25,000 watches per year.

4. Audemars Piguet Wristwatch

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Founded at: 1875
  • Founder: Jules Louis Audemars, Edward Auguste Piguet
  • Price in USD: $298,000 USD max


It is a Swiss brand that was established in 1875. It is in the top 10 watches brands in the world. Its popular watch is the AP Royal Oak series. It has many popular brands which give it the best popularity. Audemars Piguet is the first person which made the watches with precious metals, and stainless steel. He introduced many watches versions that are waterproof. This brand also won the trinity, which has consistently over-delivered throughout the years and is highly respected.

5. Ulysse Nardin Wristwatch

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Founded at: 1846
  • Founder: Ulysse Nardin
  • Price in USD: $3,700 to 4,900 USD


When we talk about the luxury watch brands, it’s our mistake if we ignore the Ulysse Nardin. It was established in 1846 by Ulysse Nardin. Like its versions, its prices are also high. This brand is famous due to its uniquely colored leather. They always manufacture the watches to see the customers’ demands and needs. It’s a luxury brand that is famous internationally. Their work with modernized materials and manufacturing is famous worldwide.

6. Cartier Wristwatch

  • Country: France
  • Founded at: 1847
  • Founder: jeweler Louis-François Cartier
  • Price in USD: $6,400 to $120,000 USD


When you hear the name Cartier, you remember the jewelry of kings. But this designer had started making the world-renowned watches. Today, Cartier has made their luxury watches brand worldwide. Cartier introduced many designs in luxury watches. Cartier has a luxury collection of watches, that double as extravagant bracelets. Cartier made their best luxury watch, with more than 3,000 diamonds, which is totaling more than 80 carats.

7. IWC Wristwatch

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Founded at: 1868
  • Founder: Florentine Ariosto Jones
  • Price in USD: $5,600 to $34,000 USD


It is wrong if you do not add the IWC Schaffhausen to your luxury watches brands. It was established in 1868, in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. In past, it is a famous the name of Portuguese name. That is converted with IWC. Its best luxury watch is IWC Portuguese. From the start to now IWC introduced the 70,000 luxury watches versions.

8. Omega Wristwatch

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Founded at: 1848
  • Founder: Louis Brandt
  • Price in USD: $5,200 to $7,150 USD


Omega is one of the most popular brands in the world. That was founded in Switzerland. Because Switzerland is the most famous for luxury brands. Omega brand is famous for its Moonwatch. Omega is a more than 170 years old brand. It is certainly illustrious history. The kings of America Rock N, Elvis Presley, and Jhons F. Kennedy like this brand. They also wear the Omega watches brands. It has many timeless designs and incredible performance. With name recognition in spades and a supreme standard of quality, your search for a luxury timepiece could easily end here.

9. Chopard Wristwatch

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Founded at: 1860
  • Founder: Louise-Ulysse Chopard
  • Price in USD: $4,100 to $11,000 USD


Chopard is a most famous brand for luxury watches and jewelry. This brand is founded by the Loius Ulysse Chopard. Chopard is identified for its classic look and great detailing. The prices of Chopard watches are started from $4,100 and end at $11,000. It is a famous brand in the watch industry. Chopard manufactures watches full of functions. That also happens to be an impeccably sophisticated accessory.

10. Blancpain Wristwatch

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Founded at: 1735
  • Founder: Jehan-Jacques Blancpain
  • Price in USD: 126,000 USD


At the number 10th, the Blancpain Top 10 Branded Wristwatches for Men brand is the most popular luxury watch. That was established in 1735. Its founder Jehan Jacceques Blancpain was founded in Switzerland. They have contributed much to the advancement of watchmaking techniques and produced watches containing some of the most complicated movements. Blancpain introduced their 2,000 watches versions. Its most famous watch is Ladybird. That’s the price is $28,900 USD.

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