Windows XP Top 10 Best Features

Windows XP Top 10 Best Features – Abstract

Windows XP Top 10 Best Features of an operating system are described in this post. That is software or program which plays an important role in your computer. You can download XP from the official website. Without the windows software program, your computer is useless. It is called the soul of a computer. Because without a soul body is useless and disgusting. Windows XP features is a major release of Microsoft as an operating system. It was released on October 25, 2001. That was released by NT operating system. Windows XP started manufacturing on August 25, 200. But it was released in October 2001.

Microsoft has ended its version. After the 12 years of Windows XP. But we can use it till now. Windows XP lasted only twelve years and its version was discontinued in April 2014. The XP operating system did not receive any technical support from Microsoft. Users migrated to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 after the expiration of Windows XP. Because after Windows XP, Windows 7 is best for users. Although Windows 7 has just expired, it was a better option than Windows XP.


Windows XP Top 10 Best Features

Although Windows XP is gone, it was very popular because of its features. People still talk about it today. Because its operating system was very good and it was perfect from behind. Today we will discuss its features which are considered to be a good operating system.

1. Easier to Use and Manage

Windows XP provides the best interface to the users. Its interface creates the best relationship with the users. Because it is very easy to use. Windows XP is straightforward to manage. Because if you want to save a video, image, or document. It manages these in your default program. It holds a video, image, or document in my video, my images, or my document. Above all, its management is very easy.

2. Clean Desktop Wizard

This feature helps you to clean the unused wizard. Wizards are the icons placed on your desktop screen. This feature was checked after the 2- 6 months that which wizard is not in use. It adopts the unused wizard and places it into the useless wizard’s folder. It helps you to clean your desktop without any problem. This feature does not interfere with your work and cleans your desktop screen without interruption.

3. Multi-Tasking/ Multi-User

The multitasking feature of Microsoft is very popular in all windows versions. With this feature, you can be done multi works at a time. Because sometimes we work on multi-tasks at a time. So, Windows XP helps us. You users can also use one computer from other places. Windows XP helps the users to complete their work at a time on one computer from other places.

4. Plug and Play

This feature of Windows XP Top 10 Features provides the facility of plug-and-play. With this feature, if you want to connect a device with your computer. It provides us the facility to install its drives automatically. With this feature, the device that you want to connect with your computer is automatically done.

5. Digital Media

Windows XP provides the feature of digital media. Basically, it provides us with the folder that is knowns as digital video, digital picture, digital media, and also digital documents. Windows XP provided us with all the facilities that came to be known as digital media.

6. System Restore

Windows XP has the great feature of system restoration. It means that if your system is damaged. When you install Windows XP again. It provides you’re the facility of backup of your data. This feature was the most popular feature and due to this feature Windows XP was popular among the users. Because Windows XP had been the most powerful version of Microsoft in 2001 as compared to other versions.

7. Remote Assistance

This is a Windows XP feature that allows two or more people to talk at a time. For example, if two friends wanted to talk to each other at the same time, this feature of Windows XP would give them the feature so that they could talk to each other in real-time.

8. Browsing the Internet

This feature of Windows XP was also famous for providing internet. For example, if you want to know something or find something, this feature of Windows XP reassures you that you can know it at any time. Because it had a browsing option in the taskbar right above the desktop. With this feature, you could easily get information from all over the world in one place.

9. Security (Windows for the mall)

Windows XP was Microsoft’s best vision to secure your data so that your data could not go anywhere else under any circumstances. It provided security to our data. For example, if we don’t click on an ad Google, then all our data goes to the other side. So, it secures your data in every condition.

10. Scheduled Task

This feature of Windows XP features provides you with the facility of schedule tasking. This feature scans a virus on your PC automatically. You can also make a schedule for scanning your PC. For example, if you made a schedule of 10 am for scanning your PC virus. This feature helps you to scan your PC automatically at 10 am. You can also choose the other time for scanning.

Windows XP Top 10 Extras Features

11. Task Panel

A Task panel is used to store your previous work. Which you do recently. For example, if you open a windows, and also open the multi-working on it. It collects your work and sends it to the task panel. That is located on your desktop sidebar. After closing your work, if you want to restore your work. You can select it again by going to the task panel.

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12. Networking

Windows XP features provide you with the facility of networking. You can establish a network easily for the users to use their work. For example, if you want to add, multiple users it provides you the facility to update it and make it for multiple users. Although if you want to create a net with the other computers and if you want to add among the other networks. It provides you to share the network between 2 or more computers. You can also share the information with the network members. This feature was known as networking.

Download Windows XP ISO

You can officially download windows XP from Microsoft’s official website.


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